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We co-signed an article in Le Monde

We co-signed an article on interoperability in Le Monde

At Startin’blox, we are interested in interoperability not for its technical aspects but for the impact it has on organizations, on the autonomy of users, on the sovereignty of states and organizations, and on democracy. That’s why we co-signed an article in Le Monde.
In 2020, during discussions with Sharers&Workers, Cap Digital, #leplusimportant and other organizations, we considered that this is a major subject, eminently political, and that it must be dealt with in a political manner and not left to be dealt with by technicians alone on technical considerations.
We have therefore undertaken the writing of this tribune, in order to show that this subject affects actors from all levels of society: companies, communities, unions, associations, activists. We all have a collective interest in ensuring that the web functions smoothly, where data can circulate freely and not be monopolized by a few monopolies, and this is what we want to convince with this initiative.

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