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Our partners

They follow us in our project

European Space Agency

ESA is one of our 30 clients. We help them foster their ecosystem by deploying 6 interoperable platforms that interconnect different verticals of the European space industry.


Inria is the equivalent of the MIT in France. Our R&D partnership on distributed data and interoperability ensures we benefit from world class expertise to take on our technical challenges.

Startup Lisboa

We our proudly incubated by Startup Lisboa. They have been of tremendous help, challenging us on sales, pitching and HR as well an introducing us to qualified investors.


IDSA is the most advanced data space ecosystem in the world. Together with the 140 most active European actors of the field, we are laying the technical foundations of the ideal infrastructure for a data space.

Ocean Protocol

Ocean is a data marketplace with web3 super powers. We work on API interoperability of the players of their ecosystem and on providing interface components so that data can flow and be monetized more easily.

Coops Europe

Cooperatives Europe is the voice of cooperative enterprises in Europe. On behalf of its 84 member organisations from 33 European countries across all business sectors it promotes the cooperative business model in Europe.



Startin’Blox allows us to benefit from a tailor-made application, while cooperating online with our partners

Eric Bureau

Energie Partagée

We are gaining the trust of freelancers communities who are joining us thanks to Startin’Blox

Cyril Thiriet


Through Startin’Blox, we are fostering cross-industry collaborations that would have been impossible without this solution

Emmanuel Mondon

Space coop

Startin’blox helps us bring together audiences that would otherwise have been difficult to bring together. A traditional web tool is not enough to be adopted by our users

Odile Chagny

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