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Peer-to-peer sessions launched

Peer-to-peer sessions launched: A long name to express a new idea that is emerging within the cooperative. Time will surely lead us to find a slightly sexier name later on, feel free to make suggestions.
Starting from the ground up

Within the Startin’blox cooperative, we are confronted with many issues related to open source and the decentralization of our tools and organizations, and we want to think about it with peers. It is in this context that we are launching a series of learning sessions.

The principle is to always start from difficulties encountered in the field of the cooperative in order to produce exchanges, content and relevant and singular reflections.

These events will be either community or public, and we will try together to raise the state of the art on how to ensure the flourishing of Open Source projects.
The objectives

Find solutions to the internal problems of the cooperative related to the open source and decentralization logics of our organization.
Find contributors and partners
Make great contributions to the world of Open Source

For whom?

The answer is again in our cooperative experience.

Here’s who we think of when we run these sessions:

A person coming to train to join our teams
Internal producers who continue to train
Our clients to help them facilitate their tools
Our members so they can make informed choices for the cooperative
All the members of our ecosystem, because we share values and therefore the same problems.

When does it start?

Right now!

The first session was about co-funding solutions in open source

Making a single organization fund an open source development that benefits everyone may seem unfair. Sylvain founded Open Funding to address this issue. The Open Funding experience lives on in Startin’blox.

We have some thoughts on the financing of our components that we would like to confront to our ecosystem. We know that there is not only one answer but a diversity and we would like to share the feedback.

The valorisation of the first session is already online.

Is there a topic you would like us to explore further together?

Sessions are coming up on community animation and on the profession of product owner animator.

To signal your interest or propose a session, tell us by filling out this form!

Participate in the sessions

Whether you are a producer within the cooperative, a customer, a user, a member of the cooperative, a friend of the cooperative or a stranger who feels close to our topics, feel welcome!

We look forward to seeing you there!