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We met with Digita



Startin’blox wants to contribute to the emergence of the European instance of the Solid project. The first step is to be able to meet between the members. But it would be a shame not to leave a trace of these meetings. I have therefore decided to document them in small articles so that the whole community can benefit from them, hoping that this approach will inspire others and thus give more visibility to the European Solid ecosystem and our desire for cooperation.


Who is Digita?

Digital is a Belgian company that supports organizations in the Solid ecosystem. I met Lauro Vanderborght, founder of Digita,  who has been working for 3 years on this project with a particular focus on the financial aspects and business development.

The company is supported by 8 people and aims to provide support to organizations that would like to improve their personal data management by taking advantage of the opportunities opened by the Solid project. Digita wants to be a gateway for this exploration through its Customer Data Platform, Digita Connect..

Developing trust with all stakeholders

As the Solid project is still young, Solid expertise is still scarce within organizations. Digita wants to be a gateway to help organizations discover their use cases, take away their worry and help them to take part in the Solid ecosystem. In this perspective, Digita provides videos explaining the Solid project and guides its customers to build their proof of concept, or even build it with them.
They provide a platform, Digita Connect, to take their first steps in exploring the possibilities of Solid.

Digita aligns itself with the agnosticity of the Solid project by giving visibility on possible technical solutions without taking sides.

Transforming the constraints of RGPD into opportunities

With the advent of DPMR, organizations face a big challenge in terms of data management. There is a problem to be solved and Solid can provide relevant answers. So there is a big challenge to explore the legal aspect of this new data infrastructure management.

This is one of the projects that Digita has tackled by producing a first report that explores the legal aspect of data reuse with Solid. Their work is publicly accessible and the team is open to any proposal for collaboration on the subject. Thanks to them for this work that benefits the entire ecosystem!

Our ideas of collaboration

Digita brings a great added value to the European Solid ecosystem by exploring the legal aspects of the project and providing organizations bricks to understand the opportunities of Solid.

We could consider sharing its popularization bricks.
Also, as a gateway for organizations, Digita could also be very interested in having a better visibility on European actors.
In my dreams, I would like to have a portal of organizations specialized in the Solid project with their values, their reason of being, their strategy, their use case, their service, their technology and their future challenges. It would be a real gold mine to explore possible synergies.

And you ? What do you dream of ?