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The entrepreneur’s way

Happy Dev was born in 2015 out of the will to gather professionals of the web industry together in an organization that feels right. We didn’t want to choose between our autonomy and a collective organization. Between our business goals and our human values. Nor between the power of a collective organization and the agility of individual decisions. To avoid these choices, we had to think out of the box, and change our vision of entrepreneurship. This article talking about The entrepreneur’s way!

Creating the myth

Building a company is not about building an army to maximize profits. Of course being profitable is part of every entrepreneurial project. But essentially, building a company is about solving a problem. It’s about identifying a pain people have and bringing the best solution. So a company is a group of people who share a set of values and a common objective they all want to reach collectively. It’s a community.

A company is a myth. It’s a social belief, just as a religion, a nation or the Olympics. There’s no such thing as Toyota, McDonald’s or Nokia. It’s just a few names written on some registries, you don’t even know where. A company is rather the belief that lots of people have everyday, when they get up in the morning to go to work or when they buy a product. The company exists only because we all believe it does, we believe in its myth. Building a company is therefore just creating this myth, and making people believe in it, work for it, pay for it, tell others about it.

A new web for new organizations

Indeed, when we created Happy Dev, we wanted to focus on the community. To change the way people see entrepreneurship and the company from the inside and also the outside. We believe in this form of entrepreneurship, and wanted to promote it and help people organize this way. This is why we created Startin’blox.

We launched this project because we believe the web enables new kinds of organizations. In this blog we’ll tell you more about this vision and the society that it could create, and explain how the web is a vector of this change.